Is ‘Ibrahim a Fate to Define’ on Netflix UK? Where to Watch the Documentary



Great news! “Ibrahim a Fate to Define” is available to watch on Netflix UK!


Date Added: 6th April 2021

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Raised in a quiet home, Lina searches for answers while investigating the mystery behind her father’s disappearance in this documentary.


Certificate: Parental Guidance suggested

Year: 2019

Duration: 1hr 14m

Audio: Arabic (Palestine) [Original]

Subtitles: Arabic, English


Cast and Crew

Director: Lina Al Abed


Production & Box Office Details:

“Ibrahim a Fate to Define” was produced by SAK A DO and Idioms Film and was originally released on September 6th 2019.


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This title is available on Netflix UK

Where else can you watch ‘Ibrahim a Fate to Define’ on Netflix?


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